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The Butchies
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Are We Not Femme?
1. To Be Broadcast Live
i'm looking out there at a world standing while it's asleep it'll make you wish you hadn't tried to be "so fucking great" now you're the one it wants to think i trusted you things will never be the same what's the R-E-V without some one who knows what's the R-E-V if you don't already know walk around downtown it's gorgeous here like where i came from i thought we had a moment i thought we had something but where are you now what's the R-E-V without someone who knows what it's like to cross over and go live it's already started to be broadcast we've made the front page ladies who's talking about us now i heard the TIMES would like an interview if you had to choose a leader who would it be and what would they do there are enough of us now do you care about us at all what's the R-E-V without conviction did you think we needed your permission what's the R-E-V stand for anyway what's the R-E-V-O-L-U to be there live it's 2/3rds over catch the last fight it just might be the best ten minutes of your life come here it's not close to over cuz it's gonna last forever because it's live it's live it's live it's live
2. Everything Electrical Will Stay
after i said that i thought it would be better to just stop talking it couldn't be over but it couldn't last it's been severeal years since i've even been asked it must have sent my head off the deep end i know some things but nothing has left me so urgently hoping and now it couldn't be over but it couldn't last and it's been several years since i've even been asked no one wants to think of electricity that way i wanna think that everything electrical will stay
3. So Goodbye
some say she comes from under the ocean i think she wasn't born at all congratulations are in order for those who've tamed her wildest heart come down make sure everyone can see does anybody want the same as me i mean wanting me it hurts it's torture just joking i can't feel the girls are having fun tonight exciting will you help me through this i'll trade you boredom for your kiss come down make sure everyone will know does anybody look as good as you i don't think so i'm gonna miss you i don't want to say it but i have to so goodbye didn't want to but you made me didn't want you just go away
4. Madame
what i meant to say is i'd go anywhere in the middle of my sleep trade my confusion for your voyage how much would you bet that soon she's gonna find a girlfriend on the moon i didn't cry at the saddest part and i didn't cry when i watched you in your scene it was just one line but it meant so much to me what do you think madame
5. The Galaxy Is Gay
did you know it's coming you can tell by the weather you can tell by the way we walk things are gonna get better sure wish you would have gone here wish just the same you'd stay next year who are you anyway and how did you get inside i heard you're from galaxy and now you've got to hide sure wish you would have gone here wish just the same you'd stay next year this is not what you wanted to happen to us
6. Ellen D.
a sound approach to massive hands down nothing more than change your name cuz you don't know a thing you're fighting a river 10 times the size assume i'm gay like Ellen do you want to swim let's jump in come on come on it's not like you enjoy it don't wait for somebody to tell you that you don't know a thing about my life you don't know a fucking thing around the same time as Mozart who were those women they don't talk about who were those we dream about could privacy be a matter of just enough time to write about you as me in bed lights off clothes on it's time to go do you wanna go come on come on can't get away from liking it a move and a sing of the times you know me you know that i remember it like yesterday you know me i know you remember it like yesterday
7. Disco (feminist dance mix)
take a look around i bet you don't know who you are surrounded in closed in spaces while you wait it's the kind of thing when you think that you've already made it it's a set up a kind of unsettled feeling you wanna let it get to you well i think that i believe it i don't know if i'd deceive it baby i would go anywhere i can't fake it i won't make it if you tell me take me with you baby i would go anywhere with you when you go out late walking everywhere you've never before felt the strength of a hundred thousand million people it's the kind of thing when you need just to have someone tell you you're worth it all girl you've got a lot of style just one just close the door tonight it sounds like if the time was right we could stay here all our lives just close the door tonight it's the kind of thing when you think it could be really nice and you realize things have changed since you've been gone since you've been gone
8. No You Don't Even Know (STS)
no you don't even know seriously though treat me like i'm 7 stststs no you don't even know you've gotta mist the bromeliads treat me like i'm 7 stststs aaaauuuugggghhhh don't give me any more cigarettes call me little butt you're turning into a crusty punk where's little yellow? stst no you don't even know
9. Salamander
i'm sorry for my mistakes i never knew i could act so strange i always wanted to make sense but i never intended to hurt you with the things i never said bending forwards and back losing myself when i needed me most i've learned that i have a lot to learn this indecisiveness i get lost this isn't the last time i will fall from grace i need to be small before i can be strong i tried the best i could to be kind i'd like your respect but i'd rather keep mine it's too late and i don't know why i can't take you i can't take you to heart it's too long and it's too wide i can't cross and i just don't think it's right
10. Shooting Star (words and music by Cris Williamson)
thunder is shaking the roof of my car i would go through a desert for you my thoughts are flying to where you are i would go through a desert for you right on the edge of a storm tonight i'll be with you and warm to lie in the circle of your arms i would go through a desert for you and for me i would go through a desert for you the sky had been falling when i heard your name calling me by name calling me by my name out of the corner of my eye i saw you blazin' brightly by you're such a shooting star that's what you are you're just a shooting star mountains are moving in the desert sun i am crossing this desert for you it is a lesson and it must be done i am crossing this desert for you
11. Heartfelt
don't i look like i just woke up an hour ago i keep thinking i see somebody but there's no one around if i could ask you for a minute of your time i'd tell you that i've been awake for days that's not really true i've been walking around asleep thinking about you could have seen it coming but we were too far apart am remembering why today is so hard i'd like to take you with me it's not too far from here can someone tell me where was i yesterday and what was i doing there's absolutely no way i can tell you what you mean to me i wish that i could transfer my thoughts into what your brain is thinking there's no one who can comfort me when i get this way can someone tell me what is it that's so hard about today
12. Unbroken
it's you it's you unbroken nothing new it's you

Population 1975
1. Insult to Injury
they say you're young too young to know how much you feel thank hormones but anyone can tell add insult to injury you hear the thunder baby will you run to me some sense of grief a loss for words explain your need to see this girl a crush born at 14 don't doubt sincerity she'd wait for you forever to always be 14 you taste the years gone by her hands were always hers her kiss was never yours her parents think they watch TV somehow they still know everything she says her nerves are making it difficult to speak and countless hours of sleeping have made her legs weak so hot so cold so good to be 25 such torment lies in lips like mine you taste the years gone by you'll look and not recognize her hands were always hers her kiss was never yours you can't tear us you can't make us break our hearts apart you can't no one comes between a love like this she'll pass her in the hall will she look the other way
2. It's Over
you don't want to come across as confused or likely to lose on the main drive you were lucky not to flip your car or ditch it kid you were out of control but you were my hero it's over now you've gone from being someone to no one sit down and talk things out we've tried and tried you don't ever apologize stop yelling at me you're embarrassing me and i don't want to see your face looking at me i never said i wanted anything to do with you and now you're coming back to me like you've got something to prove
3. More Rock More Talk
look at you with your straight lace and your straight face and your prada without feeling you have no guts you are empty you can't touch us climb up protest song this is a protest song or it's an attest song to serve as proof of this lie it's a construct of lies brought to you by the year 1999 2999 more rock more talk we've got sly moves baby we are the #'s that knew mark our words we'll see you in the future kiss your fashion good-bye we're for QUEER YOUTH we're GO UNION we are PRO CHOICE we are not scared by you it's a lie it's a concept in lies it's a defense of spies sent by us in the year 1999 we'll be there hope you won't be there too
4. Movies Movies
it's fine it's ok to take 27 the good scenes you're so good the bad scenes we'll edit later and the moon and the stars and the highway it's perfect everyone's getting all their lines right tonight it's an ongoing affair it's no one cares it's like a piano or a suitcase or jet lag or a fountain of love everybody wants to be like movies no you're right i don't know what i'm doing the sound is searching you it's finding the smallest part of your mass it's taking you over it's like Ally Sheedy says she's the protagonist in your head like an anthem or a bad P.A. system or arugula or kiss me now
5. Population 1975
she left her home of 17 years last time she saw her in the checkout line on the back porch in tears it's hard to leave your woman behind in the smallest of the smallest towns this town won't need you when you're gone this town won't love you in Jasper in Margaretsville in Cullman Alabama in Mechanic Falls in Whately Mass in La Mesilla in a town of 1975 in a town of two thousand six sixteen this town will need you when you're gone this town will fall in love with you this home won't know you when you come back your home won't even recognize you
6. Eleanor
if i could change your mind and take away the math that brought this ship to sail that brought this ship to fall before the world was made in light in dark in care and maybe you and i were right there it was you Eleanor not afraid to fall for falling's just a game you play you land on all fours anyway and when the night is through you will be too we'll meet under the dock, under the moon and sail across the sea and galaxies it was you Eleanor not afraid to fall falling's just a game we play we land on all fours anyway how marvelous in flight in force i'll cry again everytime you go i'll hold until the end comes back Eleanor it's you not afraid to fall falling's just a game
7. Ms. Doolittle
your favorite Prince song is the same as mine you quit smoking now you're biking for Gay Pride miss watching Xena glad you don't work at Papa John's you skate around this town ms. doolittle you park the YMCA can you write you always write will you write a song about us will you draw a picture of all your new patches for us it's fun to think about ms. doolittle with the kids at the YMCA you skate around tobacco town you do a lot in your culottes come visit us take the train bring us some rain ms. doolittle
8. Love in the Hour
hold you what you want you what you want you what you need to need too know you who you are you what you do you need you me too i do no don't leave me here now what a cold heart says love hears such sounds lovin' the hour our love is sewn give them what they want oh no oh when were so cold you don't seem such a far cry to hold don't you know by now lovin' the hour our love is sewn givin' it all to sail your soul now you know how sweet it will feel
9. Baby DNA
a day like no other the fullness of the sounds like sun no other day no other day and steal a way at the procession have they said one nice thing in years it could have been you it had to be you no one else would do 'cuz you know that you have the right to be the one tonight walk around the town that you own you'll be the baby make two in DNA want the child to grow up oneday who needs "man" anyway we'll have this city always you know that you are the one to make it come undone walk around this town that you made you are the baby DNA
10. Gertrude + Stein
no one sees you may not be you not one like you likes you sea you one cell sea you made me and you all the creatures a cell called who

1. Anything Anthology
this is nothing that you've ever felt before the stage is for you the chance swarms you who wants it like it was before who wants it like Traffic like Zeppelin next to Sheila she's a giant towering in blue jeans and your heart is pounding who wants it like it was before 1974 hey sweet lady hey sweet lady where's your tricks tonight yeah sweet lady yeah sweet lady am i it tonight this is sorrow this is acrobats her meaning less surrounds her the magnitude has found her who are you trying to get back your living in '84 such a bore let's burn it to the floor... at the bus stop neon tube socks forgot to wear a top now i'm lost and found
2. Forget Your Calculus
forget your calculus who will forget us maybe everything is meant to last bones and articles of clothing pass buried underneath the line and grass directions South or North my compass broke from course bury underneath the line and dirt (fools know more than gold it's written fools) you wanted it you got it (yeah) what is the world to you treasures and oooolllldddd rocks what will we leave behind who will remember us (they say it's fake the archaeology of lives i leave mine for you)
3. For Kay
this world's my place this world is not mine it's such an awful place pass 1999 wish everything had crashed crashing cut the lights come around the woman being killed the woman being lost percentages say what's true it's false don't you see what's going on the safest place is underneath the earth under space and matter i'm trying to go home take the aliens home how'd we end up here anyway my only mother what would you say they're killing everything today they're killing souls and safety they're killing sanity my only mother what would you say they're killing everything today 2 years up in a tree and it's hard to come down in the land of the free in the land of the free Julia what did they steal sickness in health hell on the earth earth in all it's wonder wonder insolence to blame my only other shoot another
4. Huh Huh Hear
the cruelest of failures he was a good sailor ran out past the main deck jumped into the ocean he was only 18 good bye raging sea makes a good man think what a good man made maybe when you're gone you'll know why you left head insists on fair weather/whether storm or calm in the eyes of the world you'd be better off dead may you bleed pouring sand shame out your pores Sarah what did you want to huh huh hear what did you want to she made while in living the only true giving she had no idea she had no one left with the sinking sun she felt her sould leave the shelter the day seize/seas
5. I
she says lonely rents videos hand it over love your radio maybe it's fine for you to drown disquiet but i'm not the only one who sits outside the sun action action passive activism ACTION! take 2010 nuh-uh inside your head yeah water instead save yourself sell yourself love no one else what's the matter with mergers baby free hemp is not anarchy (something something something something) yeah im lonely
6. Not Like Mine
she walks away from me my said misery her eyes her eyes are not like mine in lies the hardest truth 30 days and nothing nothing nothing her jawline her jawline is not like mine go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone go alone both sides of you what did you want the world to do
7. Mandy (1985-2000)
the light was empty my hands were still when i heard the news i already knew you already told me waves good bye i'm not saying the end it's going around you Mandy you are with me now Mandy never far from me desperate raiding the cupboards mixing gin and vodka i honestly believe you kept me away from harm i was seeking see you made me safely i'm at ease i know you are running sweetness i miss you i miss you and once upon a time a 10 year old girl Mandy you picked me good bye i'll see you when i see see you when i see you again i'll see you when i see you again
8. The Wedding Disaster
the wedding was a disaster the phone rang all night long she walks to a cab 7th Avenue thought spirits were telling her this awful exists here but not where we're taking you could someone tell me anything about the woman who took me in could someone tell me anything about the lady who labored me the saddest thing i've ever seen the world came crashing down hurry central park blades on a dismal day when the lightening came she was struck with the notion of release she was taken by majesty no one's ever seen when the men came to take me home it won't matter i've become just a shelter for the storm matter i am part of the rain and mud it don't matter i am matter of factly dead
9. Junior High Lament
it was not so immediate but she could feel the warmth of the blood moving in from somewhere above behind the football stadium the bright lights dimmed another fight is gonna land her back in hell again time such a beautiful lie find me a beautiful lie all her friends gathered round as all her enemies fled they'd told her you look like a Boy deliver the Savior girl 12 years old will she look to the sky to see the stars spinning circles the moon falling towards her 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cry the river it's for you for you for you for you for you it's the devil in their souls is it the devil in their souls it's not about me i know but i've seen the way she looks and she's looking straight at me now

Butchies 7"
1.Where R We
I went for a walk today (I was sleeping all day long) Through the streets and through the field (Dreamt of something-- no, no, nothing) Found myself in the water (I watched TV for thirteen hours) Felt the summer revive me (In this heat, who's thinking?) Where are we? Here on the other side Where are we? If you don't love me One hundred reasons to hang up (One hundred more to call again) Talking constant motionless (I thought we'd always be friends) It's not supposed to end like this Did we forget how to be? Did we forget our skin? Don't have none It's all gone Where are we? Here on the other side Where are we? You don't love me Look at me Where are we? Here on the other side Where are we? If you don't love me Where are we? Here on the other side Where are we? Here

2. Freaks* * *Athletes
(I can't figure out if this is one song or two, so I have both parts together)
Fight that anger and you The constant sound of panic Blue-- blue and the bruises Look at me-- who am I kidding? I'm closer and farther all the time And it's like crash Crash just like shattered Cruising for compliments Handless bended and oh please Every word Let me be held Just when you think that she's got you Or when you think she's looking at you Or when your heart is dropping to the ground It's the face The distance of disaster The suits of rules and master Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you Well I give my word Let me be held by every word that I say Let me be held in every move that I make Let me be falling We suffer it now Breathe now honey oh Let's evolve Let me breathe now Let's evolve Let you breathe now honey oh Rise to the challenge Who is your teacher? Who are your students? I'll take them now We're going underground Bring me these freaks Freaks and athletes We will run then now And bring this town down But it's the war Selling off the peace Selling for you now Are we wasting time? Do you believe this is honesty Or do you believe this is misery?
Thanks so much to Daphne for these lyrics!

Non-Album Songs
*I'm not sure about the exact lyrics to these songs, if you have corrections, let me know, thanks!
(From The New Women's Music Sampler)
Sex (I'm a Lesbian)
So what it's not what you would want (?) what you want oh want you most of you would settle for sex don't you ever think that we could not talk that we could that we can that we can only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost you're sexy in my jeans baby you're sexy in my jeans tell me do do you want me do you? Cuz I want you too it dogs it dogs every second every moment won't you tell me that you're mine won't you tell me that you're mine only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost only when you're alone do you... maybe if we tried we could go for miles underneath the ground and sea underneath the ground and sea fight! no! fight! only if they want you to only if you call me call me call me call me only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost only when you're alone do you think about what you had and lost